Retractable Banners – advertising impression value

The success of retractable banners advertising has caught people’s attention and must be impressed. In the words of the old formula, it must “evoke interest, create desire, and induce action.” All three are the result of the impression value created.

Retractable Banners - cheap wholesale: eyeBanner
Retractable Banners – cheap wholesale, source: eyeBanner

Because the eye is the fastest way to the brain, the human mind is most attracted to the qualities of retractable banners advertising with special attention. That is, retractable banner size, color, picture, light, and motion. A vivid and colorful object can be more quickly and deeply impressed than an ordinary and dull person.

Furthermore, the selling messages on the retractable banner is enhanced in the pleasing environment, with the advantages of picture depiction and copying by simple and powerful text, naturally tending to impressions or suggestions, evoking the desire to own and enjoy the retractable banners. Every retractable banner advertisement designed and executed is vivid, vivid and high-minded, giving it a huge impression.

The impression must be long-lasting, otherwise its chances of “inducing action” will be small. Memory is a vulnerable teacher. It has been proven that after 24 hours the mind has received a clear impression that 25 of the 100 people have completely forgotten it, and in four days, those who have less than a quarter of the mind receive the original clear impression will be able to remember it.  This explains why the importance of repetition in successful retractable banner advertising and promotion is so great.