Those on the total sales charts fame Chain Stores giant, there are several single-store performance to withstand torture?

See same-store sales, number who romantic?

When near the end, large and small chains are ready to book summary. If combined with the advertising strategy of chain development, and comparative analysis of the relevant business strengths, we will achieve better results on Trade Volume.

Big does not mean strong

Over the last decade, especially the “fifth” period, America’s chain has grown from a spark to a prairie fire. 2001-2003 is the chain’s “staking” years, the number of chain stores increased by three hundred companies is much higher than sales growth.

Chain by the scale of victory, but the store too, increased competition, coupled with management foundation is not solid, one-sided pursuit of the expansion speed, large-scale trans-regional shop, some of the enterprise management level and operational capabilities in the rapid expansion of the fall, does not match the scale of development, have a negative impact on business.

Since 2004, the above-mentioned phenomenon has been some improvement, chain hundred enterprises increase sales and increase the number of stores remained the same, indicating that chain hundred enterprises have emphasis on “the rapid increase in the amount of” to emphasis on “qualitative improvement” from the beginning change.

This from a particular angle show: Franchise industry to new entrants later left a great void. You know, the pioneer of multi-enclosure is not terrible, not terrible increasingly concentrated market (see Table 1), the frightening thing is that there is a solid foundation, intensive market pioneer. However, after a very few enterprises.

?-store sales who rule the roost

In the fast moving consumer goods retailers, historical data show, sort by total sales, Lianhua, Beijing Hualian, Su Guo, Wumart Group, NGS are ranked in the forefront of the chain of hundred. But from another point of view to observe, the result is a big difference.

As can be seen from Table 2, according to the single-store sales rankings from Japan’s Ito-Yokado supermarket, Jusco supermarket, from Europe Auchan, Metro, Carrefour, Tesco and Wal-Mart from the United States, they are among the best. Average daily sales of Shanghai Gubei Carrefour store is said to reach 200 million!

Please note that daily sales of these stores can be used as the same type of chain of reference.

In the home appliance chain, generally based on overall sales ranking as shown in Table 3. But examine the performance of a single store, has also undergone significant changes in ranking, as shown in Table 4. Please note that electricity and Hongtusanbao along the two companies, their number of stores in 100 or less, but its turnover is higher than medium and large stores, five-star and other enterprises. Hongtusanbao digital products is based, and paraelectric positioning more worthy of attention: it is almost the earliest positioned to do “public favorite high-end appliances,” a clear development strategy has paid off handsomely.

Drugstore chain as well. General terms of total sales ranking table 5. However, single-store performance, in addition to Hunan people Dispensary and Shenzhen Assembly pharmacy, other companies ranking has changed. The most prominent is the Shanxi 000 people pharmacy, its same-store sales almost on par with the people shoulder to shoulder. The reason is that the people are also located in the discount to 45% of parity pharmacies, so you can create sales record. Of course, the margin of cheap pharmacy (about 10% to 15%) is also lower than the average pharmacy, and even lower in half.

Change aspects of the food chain ? even greater if the above-described method to study, can be found in half of the top 10 companies have changed. Quanjude route adhere to gentrification made the first card, McDonald’s dropped out of the top 10, and adopt a multi-brand, young positioning KFC store much though, but still maintained a high sales.

We ought to learn how to improve their customer price level. Which points are noteworthy: First, attaches great importance to product quality and innovation category of enterprises have made remarkable achievements, such as Quanjude, seaports and Donglaishun; the second is the main diet of healthy or health of the shop added enterprises, such as Wuhan Xiaolan Jing and Greenery Shenzhen; three flavors, specialty restaurants, such as Inner Mongolia, two from the “sheep.”

Table 9 shows the various types of food and beverage industry famous brand of single-store performance data. Since various types of standard gross margin range of restaurants roughly similar, so the same can be deduced from their return on investment capacity.

In the field of real estate agency, according to a single store performance rankings, targeted at high-end customers market CB Coldwell Banker made absolute “high” status, it’s the equivalent of a store turnover five Sunco shop. Sunco Although regional coverage on national development and has an absolute advantage, but rapid expansion is likely to bring the hysteresis management in the number of stores. 2006 Sunco has repeatedly been publicly reported irregularities franchise is proof.