Feather Flag advertising at POP is set up intensively, but why the ability to ship terminals or falters? Incentive has also been, raised wages, and why good people still continue to drain terminal? In the end how to create an efficient and stable end team? The author in the front line for many years and personally practice the process, worked out a set of effective methods with “four hundred fifty-six Project” to build a terminal “death squads.”

“Four Methods” for recognizing good Feather Flag advertising (https://www.retractable-banner-stands.com/custom-feather-flags.html)

1. One minute presentation method

Let candidates within a minute to introduce myself, concise language requirements, focused, articulate, clearly aimed at the candidate’s judgment verbal and organizational skills. Through observation Feather Flag advertising the eyes and facial expressions to determine whether it confidence. Clear reading sales message is a primary element in Feather Flag advertising strategy.

2. Site marketing show

Give candidates some props (such as a pen, a book), asking them to conduct on-site marketing. The advantage of this approach is to find the candidate’s selling process whether it has a language appeal to consumers insight and guidance ability. A good Feather Flag advertising not only need good organizational and language skills, but also need the language infectious, insightful eyes, a guiding force in order to speak.