Feather Flag advertising at POP is set up intensively, but why the ability to ship terminals or falters? Incentive has also been, raised wages, and why good people still continue to drain terminal? In the end how to create an efficient and stable end team? The author in the front line for many years and personally practice the process, worked out a set of effective methods with “four hundred fifty-six Project” to build a terminal “death squads.”

“Four Methods” for recognizing good Feather Flag advertising (https://www.retractable-banner-stands.com/custom-feather-flags.html)

1. One minute presentation method

Let candidates within a minute to introduce myself, concise language requirements, focused, articulate, clearly aimed at the candidate’s judgment verbal and organizational skills. Through observation Feather Flag advertising the eyes and facial expressions to determine whether it confidence. Clear reading sales message is a primary element in Feather Flag advertising strategy.

2. Site marketing show

Give candidates some props (such as a pen, a book), asking them to conduct on-site marketing. The advantage of this approach is to find the candidate’s selling process whether it has a language appeal to consumers insight and guidance ability. A good Feather Flag advertising not only need good organizational and language skills, but also need the language infectious, insightful eyes, a guiding force in order to speak.

3. Mining Law

Mining method is a common method of recruitment companies, but mainly from the competitors to dig. We found that poaching from competitors often need to pay a high human cost, and such people-to-business loyalty is not high. Not everyone can become a good Feather Flag advertising, Feather Flag advertising has an excellent same qualities that the people can enter the sales status, language, facial expressions have a strong appeal, has strong ability insight into customer psychology, language fluency Let the customer comfortable. As long as people with outstanding qualities are Feather Flag advertising can dig range. I once leisure shopping, encounter a shoe Feather Flag advertising, the observation that this person has obvious characteristics of excellent Feather Flag advertising, then dug this company to do Feather Flag advertising. One weeks time the employee will be familiar with the product and quickly into the role, that is, three months apart from the numerous Feather Flag advertising. Author to verify its ability to specifically tune the Feather Flag advertising to store a relatively poor results for some time after this Feather Flag advertising in the relatively poor sales of the first stores to achieve.

4. Marketplace Practices Act

This method can investigate Feather Flag advertising of responsibility, insight, psychology, communication skills and the ability to grasp opportunities for Feather Flag advertising site. Preliminary interview with the intention of candidates can be arranged in the store actual combat ability tests, authorized Kong Feather Flag advertising Feather Flag advertising to judge the ability of candidates. Also can be “posing as customers test method” for evaluation of its combat capability, designated by the sales management personnel posing as customers, pretending to buy products, so Feather Flag advertising the process from product planning to hire staff, it found its shortcomings and advantages, to determine whether formal appointment.

“Five project” Let the training effect Visualization

Famous Western comic book, “The Tiger” has such a story:

Tiger’s brother told Tiger: I taught the dog whistle.

Tiger Q: I have never heard the dog whistle how ah?

Tiger’s brother replied: I preach him whistle, I did not say he learned to whistle it.

From the story, we realize, is the relationship between core training “teaching” and “would”, training does not necessarily lead to “learn”, but does not necessarily have a “meeting”, the difference will produce teaching relationship important reason that the train was not able to grasp the characteristics of the trainees. The terminal of the team’s training on forever talking about product knowledge, but did not say how the product should be sold to the issue. Or training content and very exciting, time seems to understand about the training, but the actual Feather Flag advertising work do not know how to use, this is the “understanding” and “would” distinction. What kind of training to the terminal team trained as a team with superior ability to fight it?

Terminal Training is a real thing of knowledge, and not a showy performance full of drama. Trainer is not to please the trainees briefly, but to actually sell the product church Feather Flag advertising. Each core training is a useful tricks are so Feather Flag advertising genuine master, to achieve the purpose of training to sales. But the reason Terminal Feather Flag advertising team mobility, quality of personnel and other aspects have led to the training effect is not visible, and thus a “no training not trained nor” the contradiction. To resolve this conflict must be based on “five projects” to promote the training implementation process, to achieve the training effect visualization.

1. simplification

Simplify the preparation of simple and effective means of training materials prior to the training, the selling point of the product becomes effective weapon Feather Flag advertising to communicate with consumers. Simplified training materials mainly to solve how to blunt end technology into Smart language.

Training [Example] store product presentation

Product Features Point presentation: “Smart” is a way to your mobile communication needs and health into the first environment-friendly wireless communication products, is still the most affordable and convenient personal communications products.

Function Point Analysis: “Smart” health is reflected in only 10 mW transmit power, receive calls and dial the local, national and international calls and other functions, the use of fixed telephone no difference, the same accounting method for fixed telephone, You can also use the “Smart” phone caller ID, call transfer, newsletters, and other services.

With competing products similar function point analysis: transmit power of only 10 mW, the radiation is extremely small, and CDMA and cordless phones transmit power is 35 mW or more, so “Smart” is the most health and safety of communications products.

If surgery Marketplace: please force Click your right temple, is not feeling a little headache? (All customers will have slightly hurt feelings) and this is because we often hear the phone with the right ear, a sense of pain caused by mobile phone radiation, the course of time for our great harm. For your health, please choose a healthy PHS phone.

2. Specialization

Specialization refers to the content of training materials to work closely Feather Flag advertising, Feather Flag advertising even the reproduction process terminals through the text. Specialized mainly in the Feather Flag advertising marketing materials into a professional instructor.

[Example] a famous scene refrigerator business model materials, “a look at two touch three said four buy”

Feather Flag advertising (the key is to guide customers to see): You have not encountered rotten vegetables in the refrigerator phenomenon? (Open the refrigerator to the customer) look at Fengyun is not very fresh vegetables? You know it in the fridge in how long it? (Daily or weekend Feather Flag advertising when you can bring from home a cabbage in the refrigerator to increase convincing, but we must ensure it is fresh.)

Customer: It seems met, I do not know.

Feather Flag advertising (guide customers to touch, one of the things they can experience the best produce true): tree vegetables have been put in the refrigerator for 10 days still so fresh, it is because the measures in general did not raise fresh refrigerator, which nano ions inside the refrigerator section to raise fresh magic treasure, this is Japan’s net imports (out to the customer touch), it can not only make the vegetables fresh for a long time, and even cut watermelon can eat for 15 days, to other fruits, vegetable preservation time can also be extended two times. In addition to its bactericidal effect and moisturizing effect is also very good.

Customer: There is such a good effect?

Feather Flag advertising: Of course, you see we have here the national authority of the Institute of Microbiology and South United States Agricultural University jointly test certificate. Currently, Japan’s net imports of refrigerators are using this preservation technique, but too expensive. You spend the least money can buy the best refrigerator, it is not very suitable for your? But also an automatic refrigerator it.

Customer: The refrigerator can also automatically adjust it?

Feather Flag advertising: Yes, do you bring up all year round, it will automatically adjust depending on the season. You use the price of a mechanical refrigerator to buy an automatic refrigerator. Also the power consumption is very low, with two days of electricity. Hello familiar feel, would you stay in that cell ah?

Customer: in XX cells.

Feather Flag advertising: Yeah, that cell is very beautiful, I have the impression there are high levels of households. But also a coincidence, and you buy a lot of users of our community that this refrigerator, I have recorded here. One of them said that this dynamic star decoration designers artsy, and your style is very harmonious community, and also with the family.

Customer: “City of Stars” The name is very special, and in line with the product image. (When the customer is to commend you, your products are easy to get the customer’s identity.)

Feather Flag advertising: It seems that you are very artistic vision, you have to like our star of this dynamic works of art, this way, please do the formalities.

3. Daily Life

Refers to the end of the day the team’s training to integrate into their daily work, rather than waiting until sales do not increase, the new listing, the company requested a re-training. The transition from training to cope with the daily work of the ad hoc content, give a clear specification guidelines.

[Example] Feather Flag advertising a company regular training standard

Regular training hours: Monday afternoon 15:00 – 17:00, each branch can be extended according to the actual situation weekly meeting time, each area must be strictly held on time, before the rescheduled special circumstances to consult general manager It was held.

Participants provisions: the primary market held by the branch responsible for organizing training specialist, branch manager and a market requires business managers no special case must attend to participate must attend all Feather Flag advertising; secondary and tertiary markets held responsible for the supervision of the organization , Area Sales Manager and in the region must participate in all the Feather Flag advertising.

Regular training content:

Required Content:

. Review sales this week: according to company sales targets, the regional market is the week each terminal stores sales make comments, identify problems and analyzed.

. Communications terminal stores peer ranking this week: this week the store of actual completions and completion rate ranks and announced increase transparency and create a competitive atmosphere, in order to achieve mutually reinforcing effect; the company ranks in the terminal stores in all brands comparison, at the same time the stores of the company’s brand and competing products in high-end product sales for the kingpin comparative analysis, identify gaps and causes, and discussed to find solutions.

. Refining and selling, then surgery: According to the results of comparative analysis of sales and prices for the company’s high-end products, especially high-end products are mainly sold refining and selling attack, then surgery.

. Site training: Feather Flag advertising for problems encountered in the store, using refined selling point and one on one attack, then surgery site group exercise.

. Promotion Analysis: This week’s promotion of competing products summarize, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and to develop and implement next week to arrange promotional activities based on the analysis.

. Morale Improvement: You can set up a team oath, an oath before each regular Feather Flag advertising, or through banners, posters and other forms of reach inspire the team morale Feather Flag advertising role.

Optional content:

. Good news: the company’s overall marketing strategy and good offices to convey the message.

. The consolidation: stage product knowledge and sales skills training and consolidation.

. Psychology of training: sales for different periods, were the mentality class Feather Flag advertising special training in order to enhance the morale.

. The new orientation: Feather Flag advertising for new recruits corporate culture and product knowledge training base.

. Other required training content.

4. mechanization

As the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect.” Mechanization refers to the preparation of a good end of training materials, training requirements, after all trainees must recite, recite if not down to give the appropriate punishment. Only an in-depth understanding of training materials, master and recite fluently, in stores will overcome its original, then surgery, to promote the use of better, then surgery. Overcome a bad habit the best way is through mechanization training to create new habits.

5. Standardization

Normalization is a good habit in order to stick with it long-term, standardized training needs standardized textbooks terminal compilation systems, processes and materials effectiveness evaluation system, more need to standardize training on ways and means. Team training standardization terminal road, you need to end the team’s building into an important part of the marketing strategy, but also need four of the above described resolutely implement in the end, the only way possible to achieve the training effect into terminal sales visualization.

“June” concern been done

Terminal Feather Flag advertising team building, in addition to the need for strict management, through some administrative details need to enhance Feather Flag advertising team cohesion, thereby helping to create a “trick able to fight, the battle of the win,” the terminal death squads. Since Feather Flag advertising team long campaign in the terminal stores, far away from corporate management, lack of social cohesion and shared values, should this team forged into death squads in addition to the material and spiritual incentives out, a greater need to win their hearts. An old saying “popular the world”, when the Red Army with the “millet plus rifles” aircraft and artillery to defeat the Nationalist forces rely on people. In the competitive market, we must forge a terminal death squads, which requires companies marketing line managers through “six projects”, create a sense of belonging and shared values of the business Feather Flag advertising team.

1. A comfort

Each branch office or regional markets should be the regional market all Feather Flag advertising’s home, let the back Feather Flag advertising branches and offices feel at home and comfortable. Especially the weekly meeting time, market supervision or other Feather Flag advertising managers must ensure that clean room to ensure every Feather Flag advertising back branches or offices have stools, pre-air-conditioned meeting room should be turned on, and adjusted to most comfortable temperature.

2. cup of tea

Feather Flag advertising in the back office or the Office of the meeting, the office staff should pour a glass of water as a Feather Flag advertising sent personally, when in business and marketing executive to the store, you can send a bottle of water or a Feather Flag advertising is a throat lozenges. These details of the proposed business management into their daily marketing work rules in order to effectively enhance the sense of belonging to the terminal Feather Flag advertising staff.

3. a service center

Branches or offices in the Feather Flag advertising the meeting back to work when every office managers should warm greetings “hard matter” and to provide services. Business people or marketing executive visited the store when the need to carry out friendly exchanges with the Feather Flag advertising to understand their difficulties in work, and the question raised record Feather Flag advertising, can be resolved on the spot should be given to solve, if not resolved should feedback superiors and issue timely response.

4. A greeting card

Terminal Feather Flag advertising enterprise management should be responsible for the registration of every registered Feather Flag advertising’s birthday, in the name of birthday Feather Flag advertising businesses to send blessings newsletter. On a weekly basis, we will be prepared greeting cards and birthday Feather Flag advertising list, congratulations signed by the general manager, sent a beautiful birthday card signed by the general manager for every birthday Feather Flag advertising at regular time birthday birthday gift Feather Flag advertising to hand. If conditions permit, the Feather Flag advertising that day birthday, birthday cake by hand personally to the store where Feather Flag advertising to congratulate their happy birthday.

5. a space

Campaign Feather Flag advertising leader, the regional market is divided into several small regional markets, each small regional market Feather Flag advertising form a group, each group selected a leader Feather Flag advertising, Leader enjoy post allowance of 200 yuan / month.

Feather Flag advertising, head competition level requirements:

. Have a good working attitude, strong execution, a high degree of professionalism, excellent Feather Flag advertising skills, skilled product knowledge, good sales performance;

. Have good interpersonal skills, good communication and teamwork skills.

Feather Flag advertising Leader Duties:

. The team members responsible for the overall quality improvement, including Feather Flag advertising skills, product knowledge, sales and so on.

. The group collectively responsible for increasing cohesion, competitiveness.

. Responsible for other temporary assignment, the relevant group to carry out related work.

This provides more space for personal growth Feather Flag advertising staff, and can be found astray to augment the management team.

6. A communication Day

To effectively solve the Feather Flag advertising the difficulties in work and life, in a period of time to determine a time as the “general manager communication Day”, the day of the communication branches or offices to organize a team of questions, we can solve the problem on the spot give the spot to solve, can not solve the problem on the spot ordered counterparts feedback management within the stipulated time.